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Accountability Ratings

Anderson-Shiro is proud to present our 2021-2022 accountability ratings from the Texas Education Agency. Read more...

Car-Rider Procedure

The 2022-2023 school year has been off to a great start. Due to the high number of car riders this year we need your help. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 17th, we will follow the same car rider procedures for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. Please follow the car rider route and do not try to get into the car rider line off FM 149 or by turning onto Hill Street from Highway 90. Instead, you must turn down Buffington Avenue and then Hill Street. A map of the car rider route has been posted to our campus website and Facebook page and emailed. With your help, we can be more time-efficient while ensuring our students are safe during arrival and dismissal. Thank you for being so supportive.
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