Keith Davis & Jamar Reed visit ASE!

“No one is born a winner or a loser, but everyone is born a chooser!”
Keith Davis, a former New York Giants football player, and Jamar Reed, a former Seattle Seahawk football player, brought an inspirational and motivational message to ASE today, sharing about their own challenges and achievements throughout their lives. Their energetic and wholehearted message is that there is a champion within everyone, and encourages students to achieve academic success through effort, and confidence in themselves and their unique gifts. The students crowded around them afterward for the chance to speak 1:1 and get pictures with Davis and Reed.
Check out some of the fun with Keith Davis and Jamar Reed during today's presentations!
Keith Davis + Jamar Reed [Video Clips] 2.26.24
Keith Davis + Jamar Reed [Photos] 2.26.24