Shot Clinic

Shot clinic
Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High will be hosting a shot clinic on February 9, 2023 at 1:00 PM.
     6th graders can be vaccinated with the vaccines needed for 7th grade - Tdap and MCV4 (meningitis)
     College-bound SENIORS can receive the meningitis vaccine 
There are other vaccines and tests available. Please see the following information from Aurora Concepts if you would like a vaccine or lab.
Aurora Concepts is a family practice clinic with 3 locations across East Texas.  A portion of the business is focused on mobile vaccine services to schools along with other services.   Spring clinics are usually when schools will offer Seniors the needed meningitis vaccine for college and will offer 6th graders the Tdap and meningitis vaccine that they will need for 7th grade.

Please see below for a complete list of services that are offered:

Mobile Unit Services:
All childhood vaccinations for any age/grade level, including 4-year-old vaccine, booster Tdap (tetanus), and meningitis vaccines for 6th graders/incoming 7th graders and meningitis vaccines for 12th graders for college.
Faculty/Staff vaccines: Flu shots, Shingles vaccines (for age 50 and older), pneumonia vaccine for age 65 or older, booster Tdap (tetanus), Hepatitis A series, Hepatitis B series
Faculty/Staff labs:  labs- $110 self-pay
      Male panel- cbc, cmp, lipid panel, thyroid panel, PSA, testosterone panel, HgbA1c
      Female panel- same as above EXCEPT no PSA or testosterone panel..... add vitamin D
Vitamin B12/Lipo C injections for staff
DOT physicals
COVID vaccines/boosters
Drug Screens

We are in network with Medicare, Medicaid, and all the major insurances.   Our mobile vaccine unit has a contract with BCBS for immunizations.  Therefore, faculty/staff with the BCBS school insurance that has an HMO plan do not have to change their PCP in order to obtain vaccines through us.  

Only those students without insurance will pay for vaccines. For students without any insurance, the cost is $10 per vaccine. For staff without insurance or with insurance that does not cover vaccines, we can provide a list of costs for adult vaccines.  

A parent does not have to be present for the vaccine administration as long as we have a consent form signed by the parent.  
Please see links below for consent forms: